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Livro The Cassandra Project

Publicado em 30/06 às 01:26

Livro The Cassandra Project Em inglês SEMINOVO Capa Dura (com jacket) 400 páginas Early in his career, Jerry Culpepper could never have been accused of being idealistic. Doing public relations even for politicianswas strictly business...until he was hired as NASAs public affairs director and discovered a client he could believe in. Proud of the agencys history and sure of its destiny, he was thrilled to be a part of its future a bright era of far-reaching space exploration. But public disinterest and budget cuts changed that future. Now, a half century after the first moon landing, Jerry feels like the only one with stars and unexplored planets and solar systems in his eyes. Still, Jerry does his job, trying to drum up interest in the legacy of the agency. Then a fifty-year-old secret about the Apollo XI mission is revealed, and he finds himself embroiled in the biggest controversy of the twenty-first century, one that will test his ability and his willingness to spin the truth about a conspiracy of reality-altering proportions...

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